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A Commitment to Design, Build and Demonstrate Green Construction for the Homeowner - Beyond Research, Strategic Planning and Recommendations

Green Design

Creating a living environment that is nurturing, non-toxic, free of chemicals, minimizing waste, and utilizing sustainable and alternative energy was the goal of Dr. Greens hands on applications in designing and building GREENNEST, a waterfront home in the Annapolis area.

Working with local building codes, GREENNEST used alternative construction approaches that feature harmony with the natural setting, life cycle production analysis for building components, and off power grid capabilities. The goal is a balance in cost, material and environmentally friendly dwelling.

Green building techniques reduce energy and water use, improve indoor air quality, are sensitive to site development issues, and incorporate environmentally friendly building materials. Green building also saves money on utility bills, decreases maintenance costs, and enhances the health and well-being of the home occupants.

To see the features of GREENNEST please click here.

To see how GREENNEST was built visit the Annapolis Home T00379

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