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Natural Resource Management

Dr. Green has conducted research on natural resource issues that have focused on land use, habitat assessment, tropical deforestation, eco-tourism, coastal resource management, biodiversity, surface water, groundwater, hazardous waste, human health and ecological risk assessments. Trained as a tropical ecologist, Ken conducted field research in South America and South Aisa focusing on primates, land use patterns and tropical forest conversion. He was a pioneer in the 70's using satellite imagery to map and designate tropical forest habitats and apply these tools for land poilicy and natural resource management. He established one of the first digital imaging research facilities for Landsat imaging at the Smithsonian National Zoo. For many years Ken lead initiatives to apply these tools among tropical researchers. He has also applied scientific rigor to many programs and projects, taking technical data and information and assesing results. Ken has undertaken many field trips during the last four decades to observe many projects as they are implemented by beneficiaries across Latin America, Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean. 

Key  Sectors
Protected Area Management
Water Quality
Land Use Planning
Tropical Ecology
Integrated Regional Planning

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