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Environmental Management Systems

An EMS broadly defines the approach for incorporating environmental, social, occupational health and safety across institutions and companies. This usually includes a written procedure/mechanism to identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor potential environmental, social, health and safety and labor impacts and risks (including liabilities and public concerns).  The proliferation of EMS across sectors, institutions and companies is both a positive and challenging situation. Often, the rush to endorse EMS particularly in developing countries results in sometimes false hopes and short sighted implementation.

Dr. Green works with companies implementing EMS, such as ISO 14001, as well as aligning procedures with the Equator Principles. He also provides support to Banking institutions to create Environmental and Social Management Systems - ESMS - to improve Sustainable banking and investing. His work has included audits of small and large industrial and manufacturing facilities (steel, petrochemical, oil and gas), agro processing, and small and medium enterprises around the world. He works with clients in identifying shortcomings and suggestions for improving production and minimizing the waste stream and pollution discharges.

Over the last several years Dr. Green has worked across the banking sectors in Nigeria and Laos creating innovative environmental and social due diligence procedures to satisfy international lenders including the World Bank and IFC. He also works as a lead safeguards specialist with the World Bank establishing protocols to improve the application of ESMS across its Financial Intermediary lending portfolio.

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