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Policy and Planning

Dr. Green has over thirty years experience as an environmental scientist and policy analyst researching and analyzing environmental issues focusing on land use, habitat assessment, tropical deforestation, ecotourism, coastal resource management, biodiversity, surface water, groundwater and hazardous waste human health and ecological risk assessments. He is experienced in conducting environmental assessments and developing EIA guidance for pipelines, roads and rural infrastructure projects.
Dr. Green has been retained to conduct business practice studies in diverse groups such as the World Bank, IDB, OAS, Smithsonian Institution and several development based NGOs. These evaluations include overall review of staff work loads, mission objectives, strategic purposes of these groups, performance evaluation and work quality and control.
Special performance assessments have covered a wide range of corporate portfolio reviews that focus on life cycle and project cycle components and outcomes. Dr. Green has worked with independent evaluation departments (World Bank, IFC) to provide independent audits and supported many quality assurance assessments across sectors and institutions.
He has participated in numerous bilateral and multilateral budget support operations, sector investments and feasibility assessments. He has worked for the USEPA, World Bank, IFC, USAID, IDB, UNDP, Smithsonian, CIDA, DFID and OAS and numerous borrowing country, state, local and NGO organizations.

Fields of Competence Environmental Impact Assessment/Planning
Environmental Policy Analysis
Sustainable Development
Environmental Monitoring 

Key  Sectors
Disaster Response
Rural Infrastructure
Oil and Gas Development
Water & Sanitation

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