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Training & Capacity Building

Dr. Green lectures, teaches and conducts workshops in the academic environment as well as in numerous international forums. His overall focus covers sustainable development and environmental planning focusing on international issues. Dr. Green has developed curricula for training, lead hands on workshops that include case study approaches, and taken many groups into the field to see first hand how to apply environmental safeguards. He also conducts training for agencies so that they can improve their program monitoring and supervision.


Cephas, Ghana. It was a great pleasure to have worked with you. 2015

Maylee, Australia. Ken thanks a million for guiding me through improving my resume. You made me shin way beyond my previous own recognition of myself. 2010

Ramu, Washington DC. I knew I had lots of useful experience but after our conversations and suggestions I see how much more management and coordination I really have done. Your insight and modifications and use of key attributes for me provided better karma.2012

Caroline, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. I never had someone help me reshape my resume and create a vastly improved image. All those internships and early jobs did have essential selling points about who I am and what I have accomplished. 2011

Andrew, Cornell International Development Program. Your workshop gave me a totally different perspective on the universe out there for me. I now my see my options differently. Your long years of experience in many aspects of environmental policy work give us in academia a realistic picture of the job market. 2010

Justin, Woodrow Wilson School, Graduate Student, Princeton University. Dr. Green, I really appreciate you making my Peace Corps experience blossom and show how much I accomplished in those 2 years. 1996

Jon G., Those years as an intern in the Balkans with my Peru Peace Corps service afterwards seemed to be disjointed activities. With your pushing and prodding, I was able to demonstrate my organizational, working on the fly and coordination skills. Thanks for helping me see me in this light. 2011

Samoo, Pakistan. You have provided me with so much help with your friendship and mentoring and I am forever grateful. Working as hard as you did on my resume shows me how much of a good person you are. May god continue to bless you and your family. 2009

Seth, President Consulting Firm in Ghana. Many thanks for your splendid support. It was really great working with you. 2014

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